The Tai Shin Doh and The Tai Shin Jitsu Seal


Tai Shin Doh Seal™

The Tai Shin Doh seal was designed with the ideals of all traditional martial arts in mind.

The shrine is the symbol of the Japanese Shinto life philosophy. Across Japan, one finds numerous shrine gates that are a reddish-orange in color. When the sun sets each day over these beautiful structures, they give off a bright red color that is truly remarkable and compelling.

The white background represents that which is good and pure in our world. This includes the ideals and the philosophy of Tai Shin Doh.

With Tai Shin Doh, we teach more than karate. We teach and emphasize self-control, discipline, awareness, and the solid ethics by which we measure ourselves as students, teachers, parents, and citizens. by which we gauge our contributions to ourselves, our families, our communities, our country and our culture.

The three Japanese Kanji characters in the center of the shrine read Tai Shin Doh (the way of the head and heart, "Tai" being the head, "Shin" being the heart or body, and "Doh" signifying the way or path we travel in this life study).

Tai Shin Jitsu Seal™

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