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Tai Shin Dohís Kids Karate World Summer Camps 2008

Kids Karate World LogoWe are pleased to provide the following photos of our Kids in the Taishindoh Kids Karate World Summer Karate Camps. This year, our Camping program began on June 9th 2008 and will continue through the week of August 4th 2008. Our Programs are held in two major Public School Systems in Greater Cleveland, Ohio (USA) Our associations with these two Institutions are most unique as we have been a team for Thirty-Two (32) years in one Institution and are enjoying our Twentieth (20) year with the other with our regular Martial Arts Programming. Our Camping program now celebrates itís Twelfth (12th) consecutive year in each Institution.

Our Camping program started with modest means, but over the years our program has increased in the number of Campers attending these exciting and fun filled Summer-time activities due to our innovative programming and excellent staff who are dedicated to working with young people. Our Camps are held Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 3:00PM with the opportunity to go swimming at the end of each day. First time students and Summer Campers are generally not required to wear the Gi, but as they become integrated into our full-time program as many of the Campers do, the Gi is mandatory.

The Summer Karate Camping experience for youth will come to an end all too soon for the Camping year of 2008, but we are pleased to announce that we will have provided this fun filled Taishindoh Kids Karate World experience for approximately 300 young people. We have been Blessed with this response from scores of families in the various Suburban Greater Cleveland communities who have chosen our program to be a significant part their childrenís Summer-time learning and fun activities, and so at this time, we will begin to look forward to the Autumn for our regular classes and our highly successful Jr. Black Belt program.

Please continue to review our Web Site from time to time, as new programming, photos and coming attractions will be listed on the Taishindoh front page.

Sincerely in Martial Arts

GM Ronald F. Balas

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