MGTF National Championships, Malaysia, August 29 & 30, 2008


Dear Soke Ron,

My 2008 MGTF National Championships held on 29-30th August was a great sucess. Over 300 blackbelts (1st Dan to 4th Dan), and 24 teams all over Malaysia took part as we have 7 divisons in competition. GM C. S Lim from Montreal was here as my guest.

China send their National Team with 17 persons. ( I will be travelling to China for 4 days in Oct), Singapore send a team. At the final competition, Malaysia beat China 5-2 for the 'King Throphy'. I also have judges from Canada, USA and Singapore. The competition was held for 2 days at Shah Alam Indoor Stadium. Its for 12.000 spectators stadium. My students from the Military and Police gave a breathking demonstration infront of the Sports Minister and Director of sports.

At the 'Championships Welcoming Dinner' we prepared 50 tables with 500 people attending at Shah Alam Elite Club. Its FOC for everybody. We served 9 course Chinese Dinner and my band ' Shades Of Gray' give an hour performance. MAGMA send 10 Instructors for the dinner.

The Malaysian King could not make it as 31st August is Malaysia National day. HRH is buzy and The Malaysian Minister Of Sports represented HRH. MGTF will organised a dinner for the King in due course.

Hope to see You in Malaysia someday

Yours Sincerely