Professor Eddie Rose - Pennsylvania


International Master Martial Arts Instructor and Innovator
Professor of the Fine Arts / Kyoshi
Certified 8th Degree Black Belt
7 Time International Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee
Founder and Head Master of ToraHana-Ryu Fighting Science

Professor Eddie Rose is esteemed, certified and recognized as a world-class martial arts master by such prestigious international organizations as:
Ø World Head Of Family Sokeship Council
Ø International Goju Kempo Federation
Ø Circle Of Masters International
Ø Scientific Martial Arts International Association
Ø Eastern USA International Martial Arts Association Inc.
Ø International Association Of Karate Kobudo
Ø World Martial Arts League
Ø International Freestyle Martial Arts Organization
Ø Tai Shin Doh International
and many other prominent organizations.

In over 33 years of martial arts training Professor Rose has become skilled in many combat and healing disciplines such as Isshinryu Karate, Chinese Kempo, Ninjitsu (Angelic System), Pa Kua Gung-Fu, Seicho Jutsu, the Touching Arts, Kinesiology, Philosophical Studies, reiki, herbology, and various others.

Professor Rose is also an 18+ year law enforcement veteran, a counselor, confidant, and ordained minister devoted to facilitating the complete wholeness of “whosoever is willing”.