How to Link with Tai Shin Doh

To all martial artists of good will!

Our website management tells us that martial artists from around the world regularly view our website, and we are delighted. Our information tells us that on the average, our website is viewed by martial artists from at least 40 states in the United States and from at least 27 Countries from around the world on a daily basis! These statistics are fantastic, and we are delighted! As a result of these special interests, I believe that there are countless more “On Line” martial arts websites that are viewed on a daily basis, and therefore, we have a proposal,

And that is,

To link martial artists of good will from around the world for the purpose of exchanging ideas and information about culture, customs and martial arts as viewed and practiced by diverse peoples.

And therefore,

To be able to proudly display the flag of the nation whose martial artist is attached to your website indicating that you are linked to the world!

What are the benefits to all of this?

Well, if you are as curious as I am about diverse cultures, you may want to talk to people from different countries, martial artists, people who have something in common with you. This may be the time! This may be the opportunity! You may be linked by heritage. As an example, I am an American, but my parents were born in Europe and I am of Hungarian ancestry. I know there are martial artists in Hungary, as our website has indicated that we have been viewed by Hungarian martial artists. Write to us, talk to us, let’s see and experience that which we have in common.

Our website has been viewed by martial artists from countries as diverse and distant from Argentina to Zambia, and I think there is a multitude of other world martial artists who have experienced the same as us. Write to us, talk to us, let us see that which we may have in common.

As I see it, in martial arts, our greatest treasure is our students, into whose hands one day will pass the title, honor and responsibility of “Sokeship and or the Inheritor” of our art form.

The 19th century philosopher Herbert Spencer quoted, ”That education has for it’s object, the formation of character.”

In my more than fifty (50) years experience in martial arts, I remember when one martial art system did not speak to a different system. Today we have evolved and have grown for the better. It is in part, human nature, to be able to be recognized by our peers especially through the medium of magazines, news papers or even DVD, but those areas are often limited to local audiences and limited circulations.

The opportunity for the average student anywhere in the world, as well as countless Sensei for that matter to ever attend an International “Hall of Fame Awards Banquet” as an example, and meet Masters and Grand Masters from around the world and to see and experience diverse systems and philosophies is poor at best! Martial arts are taught in dojos located from the “farm lands to the big cities” in most every country in the world, and for the most part the average student seldom ever gets to see anything beyond his/her own dojo location, – tournaments not withstanding!

The very core of martial arts has been and still is the individual dojo with the Master Sensei and student, and historically this has been proved to be the best practice. There are volumes written about this honorable and wonderful manner of teaching and training, and for the most part, that was the way most of us came into martial arts and have continued to grow and learn. However, if you are like me and many other martial artists, there came a time when we began to expand our knowledge, broaden our horizons and learn from the diverse bodies of martial arts knowledge throughout the world. Magazines, newspapers, books, and DVD are all wonderful means of communication and remains as a foremost means of learning throughout the world.

There is a fantastic opportunity to expand our base and to let the world into our schools via the Internet. I believe that students must learn all they can in order to best survive in the 21st century, and to a martial artist, what better way to learn more about martial art history, founders and Grand Masters then through associations with other martial artists. I believe This can be a wonderful opportunity to expand our base and to let the world into our schools via the internet.

We began with emails, blogs, chat rooms and “friends” type of links.


The “Electronic” age is here!


It’s easy! To begin with, all it takes is an email to start!

Your website should tell much about you already.


Introduce yourself.

Tell who YOU are,


Where are you from?

United States




Don’t forget the address of your website!

Don’t forget your email address

Once you have made contact with a martial artist and have agreed to “Link” to each other,


Soke Ron Balas: