To all Martial Artists and Martial Arts Organizations of good will, please be advised that any and all claims of “Rank Standing, claims, and or contributions” to the Martial Arts of Taishindoh and or Taishinjitsu made by any individual and or individuals outside of our System, may now be verified by viewing this Web Site, or contacting the Hombu.

Due to numerous requests for verification of student achievement, representations or claims, we are now pleased to make this action available to Martial Artists and Martial Arts Organizations and suggest reference to the “Roll of Honor” published in this Web Site listing names of Students who have achieved the designation of Black Belt in the Taishindoh System which includes Taishinjitsu. The listing of names in the years from 1966 to 1980 and 1981 to 2006 can be considered as an official recognition of students who have earned Black Belt Rank in Taishindoh

Names listed on the Roll of Honor only indicate that the individual has earned Black Belt rank in our System and has no other implication unless so stated in the History of Taishindoh or TaishinJitsu.

We further suggest referring to the History of Taishindoh and TaishinJitsu under the heading “About us,”as the official means to view the names of the Martial Artists contributors, some of whom were from other Martial Arts systems and countries who contributed their wisdom, skill and advise in all aspects in the development of our System(s)



Soke Ronald F. Balas