GM Dan Verkerke's Comments on Dai-Soke

It seems throughout the years there have been many problems arising from the misunderstanding of appointed titles.

I believe the problem arises with the misunderstanding of the title. People start thinking of it as a rank. They begin to think they are of a higher class or skill level than other Masters.

I think there should be a clear understanding of the title Dai-Soke and the appointee should be aware of this before taking on the responsibility...


"Dai-Soke" is not a rank but a great honor and privilege bestowed by the Grandmaster. It does not necessarily mean the Dai-Soke is the most experienced or senior level Master in the Art. It means that he or she has been entrusted to carry on and represent the wishes of the Grandmaster. The Dai-Soke must maintain loyalty, respect and have the Soke's best interest in his or her heart.
If there comes a time when the Dai-Soke can no longer continue his / her responsibilities or duties, they should honorably resign this title for the betterment of the Soke and Art.

In many cases the Dai-Soke more or less is an apprentice Grandmaster. There have been a few cases where the apprentice / Dai-Soke did not have enough experience or skill to carry on and represent the art to the level of the Grandmaster. In these cases the World Head of Family Sokeship Council has been a great service in providing the guidance and experienced needed to assist the Dai-Soke.

It is very hard to replace a Grandmaster, but out of honor, loyalty, and respect, it is the Dai-Soke and senior students duty to do the best they can to continue the life's work of the Soke and his art.

- Grandmaster Dan Verkerke