Defense Tactics and Training Systems International

To provide specialized training in practical Self defense and protection for Citizens whose occupations or travel may cause them to be in harms way through aggressor or predator type actions whether foreign or domestic.


Modern Self defense Solutions and Training designed to meet needs for individuals

A new awareness to personal safety for the modern woman and a must for all professionals.

Grandmaster Ron Balas has given over 500 lectures and demonstrations on Common Sense Self Defense in schools, service organizations, and in bothe the Public and Private Sectors . He has been a guest Martial Artist on local and national television and radio concerning public safety and awareness. Ron Balas of Taishindoh and DTTSI has been a Martial Arts Instructor for more than Forty (40)years, and has provided training for more than Thirty Thousand (30,000) people during his career.

Topics of consideration include:


Confidentially expected and assured

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